Welcome to the SeedScape WikiEdit

This wiki is officially sanctioned by Dapper Swine Games for SeedScape. The official wiki strives to be the most complete source of in-depth information about deeper hidden game mechanics as well as an index of all available fruits, vegetables, animals, enemies, etc.

What is SeedScape?Edit

SeedScape is a farming game that combines the best of many worlds; light combat, economy, a central story, procedurally generated aspects, and some deep systems. For the most part, games like these are only available on consoles, but SeedScape will be available on PC, and possibly Mac and Linux. The game will be released Q4 2015.

What's Been Cropping Up Regarding Seedscape?Edit

(2/24/2015) Seedscape was Greenlit on Steam recently and can be found here on Dapper Swine's Workshop Steam page.

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