SeedScape is an upcoming role-playing game/farming simulation by Dapper Swine Games. The game was created by Jason Brown with Jennifer Dawe on the team as the lead artist, and has an estimated release date of second quarter of 2015.


Plant life is withering all across the land. Nature sprites are falling from the sky, but why? Villagers have seen shadows dancing through the forest at night. It's time to find a way to make the world flourish again!


  • Play as one of 3 races - Two nature sprite races, the Sprout and Mushroom, as well as the ability to play as a Human for a more traditional farming sim feel.
  • Online cooperative play - Taming the land yourself is a lot of fun, but doing it with friends is even better! There are a bunch of items to allow you to create your own games to play, too.
  • Never feel boxed in - The entire playable map is yours to construct your house, animal enclosures, and farmland. You're not assigned to a tiny plot of dirt!
  • Light combat similar to games like Rune Factory has you occasionally defending your farm from wither beasts.
  • Catch bugs, go fishing, cut and plant trees, start a garden, raise livestock, collect and grow mushrooms, shake trees, and more; there's always something to do!
  • Place and push furniture around your house in any way you choose! Some furniture even perform special functions, such as refinery machines to take your farming to the next level.
  • When you can't play with friends, SeedConnect lets you convert your items into codes that you can give to friends (or strangers) for out of game item gifting!
  • We've blended the best aspects of various console life and farm sims and are bringing them fluently to the PC, Mac, and Linux!